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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Sex Tape

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape picture
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape picture
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape picture

Pamela Denise Anderson was born at 4:08am, July 1, 1967 in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada.

1967 was Canada's Centennial year and Pamela was the first baby born that day in all of Canada which earned her the title of "The Centennial Baby", and the Anderson's received cash prizes and awards for having the first baby born in Canada on that day.

A little while later her parents Barry who was a furnace repairman and Carol who was a waitress moved to Comox, British Columbia where they purchased a large six bedroom house on Douglas Street.

One day when Pamela was sitting in the library a photographer took a picture of her that won the hearts of everyone that saw it and it was placed in all the libraries in British Columbia.

As a teen Pammie excelled in virtually every sport that she played and she was called "Rubber-Band" by her friends because of her flexibility.

Her favorite sport was Volleyball and she wasn't particularly interested in movies, television or music in the same way that most other girls of her age were.

She played saxophone in the school band and after school with friends whenever the opportunity presented itself.

After she graduated from Highland Secondary School in 1985 her yearbook entry stated that her aspiration in life was "to be a California Beach Bum".

In 1988, Pamela moved to Vancouver and was working as a fitness instructor when suddenly her whole life changed. She was invited by a friend to a football game between the British Columbia Lions and the Toronto Argonauts in B.C. and during one of the stoppages in play a cameraman was roaming the crowd looking for someone to put up on the big screen for all to see.

He found Pamela and when he put her bright smiling face up on the screen, the place erupted!

Labatt's noticed the response this woman was getting and the fact that she was wearing a Labatt's shirt that her friend had given her.

She began modeling for Labatt's in their then current promotion for the "Blue Zone" as the "Blue Girl" and posters of Pamela's were plastered all over walls in bars and restaurants everywhere in Canada.

A freelance photographer by the name of Ken Honey took a few pictures of Pamela and sent them to Playboy on Pamela's behalf.

Playboy loved what they saw and in October of 1989 Pamela moved to Los Angeles, California to do a cover for the October (1989) issue of Playboy.

Following the Playboy publication Pamela had small parts on shows such as Fox's "Married with Children" and in 1991 she got the part of "Lisa", the "Tool-Time-Girl" on ABC Television's "Home Improvement".

Fate however hadn’t finished playing a part in Pamela's life and David Hasslehoff who was a fan of the show saw Pamela and immediately knew that she was right for the role of "Lisa", a lifeguard for his then new series "Baywatch".

Pamela immediately jumped at the idea of Baywatch and she says that the character of C.J. (short for Casey Jean) and herself are very similar. Her grandfather Herman who was an immigrant from Finland always taught Pamela to believe in "New Age Thinking", crystals, meditation and dream interpretation and C.J. according to Baywatch had the same views.

On New Year's evening in 1994, Pamela was attending a party in New York and met the Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee who came right up to her and licked her face and finally after he begged her several times for her phone number she gave it to him.

Tommy called Pamela over and over again for the next few weeks and tried to arrange a date but without success and when Pamela went down to Cancun, Mexico to do a photo shoot for her sun-tan lotion line, Tommy who was determined to win her over at any cost followed her there.
After four days of courting and endless parties the two were married on a beach and Pamela wore a white bikini and Tommy wore a pair of shorts.
On Tuesday November 19, 1996, Pamela filed for divorce from her husband Tommy and said that she would return to using her maiden name in the future.
The Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Sex Tape created a whole new category in the porn industry that later came to be known as celebrity porn.
The couple also showed that they had a sense of humor about the whole affair and Tommy Lee recorded a song called, “Get Naked” with his band, ‘Methods of Mayhem’ with a video that lampooned the whole incident.

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Pamela Anderson Paris Hilton Britney Spears Meg White Noelia Monge

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