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Noelia Monge Sex Tape

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The background to the scandal involving the Puerto Rican pop-star Noelia Monge is almost as interesting as the home-video itself which is saying a lot because the home video is very interesting indeed!

There has been a lot of back and forth in the media as to whether or not it's Noelia that's greatly enjoying sex with her former boyfriend Yamil in the homevideo but it would seem almost certain that it is because when asked about the tape Noelia's reply was "Hey Sex Happens!" and what's more she later accused her step-father Topy Mamery of putting the home-video on the Internet as part of a continuing attempt to denigrate her.

Noelia's mother is the Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge so it's not at all surprising that Noelia chose a musical career and in 1998 she began work on her first full-length album entitled 'Noelia' which spawned several hit singles.

She obviously did a lot of work in between and in 2007 she released her sixth full-length album titled 'Volverte a Ver' and then began working on her first English language album.

Noelia has been romantically connected to music celebrities  throughout her career and as well as a four-year relationship with the former MDO member, Alexis Grullon she also had a brief relationship with the rapper Yamil that worked with her on the album 'Melao'.

Noelia  was born August 31, 1979 and during her fairly short career she has had no less than nine 'Latin Billboard Top 40' hits and also had eighteen world-wide gold and nine worldwide multi-platinum certified albums in addition to an RIAA-certified Gold record in the United States and she has also appeared in a huge number of Latin American TV shows and soaps.

In 2007, Noelia was featured on the cover of the Spanish edition of 'Maxim' and in 2008 she was named one of the '50 Most Beautiful People' by 'People en Espanol' which is high praise indeed when you consider how hot many Latinas are!

This particular scandal dominated the Puerto Rican media from get go and because it involves so many claims and counter claims in addition to the sexual aspect.

After what was said to be a "month long investigation", Mamery accused Noelia's boyfriend, Jorge Reynoso of registering a domain by the name of whereupon it stated that Noelia was the new 'Queen of Porn'.

However the only evidence that Reynoso was in any way connected to this was a WHOIS query and he denied that he registered the domain which is now obsolete.

The sub-plots get thicker and thicker however which of course, journalists love.

Yamil claimed that it was only because he was threatened by Mamery that he gave the original home-video to Leo Fernandez who is a member of the paparazzi who then gave the home video to Mamery who was simply looking to make some money from its release.

Following this revelation, Noelia threatened to go the Mexican authorities and accuse Mamery of rape for an incident that was said to have occurred in 2003 .

Mamery responded that he is by no means the first person that Noelia has accused of sexual assault and/or rape and said that in the last five years that the singer had pointed her finger at at least two other people, and mentioned Guillermo Santiso and also the singer Alejandro Montaner who is the son of Ricardo Montaner.

Guillermo Santiso is the former president of 'Fonovisa' which is her old record label.
Well the whole thing sounds like a Latin soap but the sex is real so come take a look at what all the fuss was about, and have fun watching it!


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