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Britney Spears Sex Tape

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Phrases like, "pop phenomenon" and "a legend in his or her time" are casually used today but they can't in fact be used for more than a handful of living people at most. However not only 'could' they be used to describe Britney Spears they might not even do her justice because her impact on the entertainment scene has been so immense that it would be impossible to imagine the last several years without her existing in them!

Music lovers have watched her grow from an apparently naive schoolgirl to both a mother and an an object of tremendous sexual interest.
Britney has weathered some very rough stretches professionally with some people that should have known far better unwisely counting her out. However she didn't get to the top so easily and she most certainly knows how to get back there again!

She also lost the custody of her children and suffered all the public humiliation that went with it but she finally regained them.
Just when Britney probably thought that things couldn't get any worse however, the 'News of the World', which is a bestselling U.K. tabloid reported that her ex-husband, Kevin Federline was attempting to sell an explicit home video of their sexual antics.

Britney went to court but got short shrift from the judge who said that the home-videos in question couldn't hurt her professionally because her publicity openly exploited a persona "modern sexuality."

Next thing is that Britney wakes up in the morning to discover that a guy that she supposedly had sex with when she was on vacation had filmed the whole thing and made a home video of it. He says that he met Britney at 1AM in a hotel bar and later filmed them having sex, but without her consent or her knowledge.

Home-videos soon started appearing all over the web and some seemed to be Spears whereas some obviously weren't.

Some of the tapes that are circulating contain very hot and very explicit action with babes that look like Britney but if it's her I wouldn't care to say.

We have an enormous amount of content some of which is definitely Britney and some which simply might be. It's hard to recognize a babe from the top of her head when it's resting on a guy's balls!

The bottom line and the best advice would be to check out our Britney content and after you've watched it several times then check out all the other stars too!


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Pamela Anderson Paris Hilton Britney Spears Meg White Noelia Monge

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